Cleaning and Preservation



Want to keep your gown safe to pass on to a future generation or to maybe wear again yourself one day? Worried about not being to get out that red wine stain from the dance floor?


Our partnership with Wedding Gown Preservation Co. helps brides get their dresses (and veils) professionally deep cleaned and preserved so they stay in amazing condition for 100 years, guaranteed! 

Drop your dress off at Rebecca's (or have a shipment kit sent to you), and in 6-8 weeks your heirloomed dress will be sent directly to you in a sealed shadow box! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I take it out of the box once it is sealed?"

Yes you can! You are provided with instruction on how to safely handle your dress if you take it out of the box, and how to reseal it again!

"My wedding was a few years ago... can I still do this?"

Yes, absolutely! Whether your wedding was a week ago or a decade ago, your gown can still be cleaned and preserved! 

"What can be included with the dress in the shadow box?"

The service includes your dress, plus 3 small accessories for no additional cost! This could be a veil, garter, handkerchief, belt, etc.

"I don't live in Louisville, do I have to drop my dress off?

Nope! For an additional $20 we can mail you a shipping kit that has everything you need to send your dress in yourself!

"Can they get out wine/coffee/grass, etc. stains?"

Yes! They are experts at handling wedding dresses of all different fabrics and have successfully saved dresses from the most extreme stains!

"I didn't get my dress from Rebecca's - can I still do this?"

Of course! We are happy to help all brides keep their dress safe, no matter where they found their dream gown!

"Loved this service so much and it turned out so great! Still amazed the dress and veil fit into that box!"


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