"Strive to be and look yourself"

Lisa always knew that her husband Haythem was the one, but she questioned herself when it came to what she should wear to their September 24th wedding. Lisa tells us about their love story, and how she embraced her personal style, in this week's #RebeccasBride blog:

How did you know your husband was the one?

We have been friends for over 7 years, and together over 5. I have always known he was the one. I think the time when we realized it together was on a 2013 trip to Las Vegas. We just had an amazing time together. We were in such a big place with a million (or more) people yet we were the only ones there. That was the first experience where we talked "our goals" and "our future," our language started to combine into more statements that involved "us."

What was the favorite part of your wedding shopping experience?

The personal experience that I had. I had two experiences at Rebecca's, both with LT (she is amazing!!) I first came in and tried on a lot of dresses outside of my style because I thought I needed to be "someone else" or "out of the box." LT let me do my thing and try on form-fitting, lace, high neck, etc. I came back a couple months later and she knew exactly how I was feeling. She asked if she could put me in a style that she thought suited me and of course I said yes. She put me in a blush corset (by Watters) that she was going to put me in the moment she saw me the first time... and that is the one I wore on my wedding day.

How did you know that you had found the perfect dress for you?

Cliche to say, but the dress chose me. I tried on a lot of dresses over two appointments. LT started coming out with different pieces (corsets/tops and skirts) to try on because I like the tops of some and skirts of others. I tried on my corset with a couple of different skirts, then tried on my skirt with a couple of corsets. As soon as we put the two together my Maid of Honor, one of my bridesmaids, LT, and I just froze in place. It was perfection. It was my vision!

What sets Rebecca's apart?

Rebecca's is a high-end boutique that is very well known in Louisville. I wanted the hands-on/personal experience but with a large, high-end selection. I knew they carried many, many styles (and designers) which is great because I had no idea what I wanted going in and I wound up in a style I thought I didn't want (and a blush color!) that I still want to wear every day.

What was your favorite part of your wedding?

1.) The first look, highly recommend

2.) Coming down the aisle with my dad- we practically danced down the aisle to "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

3.) Our vows

4.) My dress and flower crown :)

What advice do you have for soon-to-be brides?

1.) Try and have everything done two weeks before the wedding so that you can enjoy your "wedding week" with your soon to be husband. I feel like I didn't see him all week because I was either bagging favors, at the venue, etc.!

2.) My husband and I divided and conquered and casually went around to tables/guests by ourselves during dinner - we were able to have much better conversations/thank you's and we got to more people!

3.) Strive to be and look yourself. I didn't wear heels at the wedding because I never do, I wore my hair up and curly because that is how I like it at formal events, and I originally tried on form-fitting dresses (mentioned above) but eventually went flowy/Boheme which is spot on with my style/personality... just be you!

Thank you for shopping with us Lisa- we loved working with you! Cheers to you and Haythem!

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