Before I Even Knew Who My Groom Would Be...

"Rebecca's Bride" Angela Nief worked at Darwin Photography for many years, helping countless brides who had purchased their dream dress from our Boutique. After seeing beautiful wedding after beautiful wedding with our gowns, and after helping her best friend find her dress at Rebecca's, she was sold. Angela told us, "before I even knew who my groom would be, I knew where my gown would come from... Rebecca's. I feel Rebecca's is the most exquisite bridal boutique in Louisville and didn't consider any other place for my wedding gown. "

Angela found her wonderful groom, Mark, and then found her bridal dress, the bridesmaids dresses, and the tuxedos all from Rebecca's. We are so glad to have been a part of this gorgeous wedding for an amazing couple!

Angela answered a few questions for us about her, Mark, and her amazing wedding shopping experience:

When was your wedding?

September 27, 2015

How did you know your husband was the one?

Mark and I met at a fund raiser, Cabo Wabo, January 2010 and dated for 5 years before he asked me to marry him when he asked on Thanksgiving Day while driving to his family's home, in the snow, while I was singing "Santa Baby" and as I got to the part, "I forgot to mention one little thing, a ring, and I don't mean on the phone." He turned to me and said, "Will you marry me 'Bunny?'" (his nickname for me). But I knew he was the one for me on our very first out of town trip to Alabama. We went to a graduation of his long time friend's daughter and while there, something just clicked, I felt different with him... safe and loved.

How did you know that you had found the perfect dress for you?

We found my dress on January 18, 2015. I had my Mom, Holly Potts, Amy Kidner and friend Cynthia Louderback with me. I didn't really have a set idea for what I wanted except I didn't want pure white and I wanted it to be different. I also asked everyone to not be mean, to not tell me negative things, to just simply say "this is not you" if it wasn't looking right. I had the "say yes to the dress" fear. I had tried on fitted gowns, fit & flair and always my favorite, the ballgown, but then there was this gown, last that I tried on. Mori Lee gown, mocha color, beading... sweetheart neckline, very full and sparkled. I walked out and I looked at my Mom and she just gleamed and I looked at my girlfriends and they smiled, not like the other times but then I looked at Holly, she has known me the longest, and she just said, yes! I turned around and without looking all over the gown, I couldn't breath, I had a tear and I turned back around and just said, I love it. (I did try on another gown, one that I loved before, just to compare, but it couldn't) so I went back into the Mori Lee and my sales lady found the most beatiful cathedral veil with lace and beading and a crystal headpiece and it was complete, I was the princess bride I always wanted to be. My mom came up to me and said, this is your dress.

What sets Rebecca's apart? Why did you decide to get your gown, bridesmaids, and tuxes from Rebecca's?

Rebecca's is a tradition in Louisville for me. I've known of the store since I worked at Darwin's photography and would bring portraits to the boutique for display and then my best friend bought her dream dress from Rebecca's, clients I had at Darwin's found the most unique and beautiful gowns and always told me of the outstanding service and kindness at the boutique. But, when I made my appointment, met my consultant and started pulling gowns with her and my friend, Holly, I realized how personal and upscale the boutique truly is. It's tucked away in an adorable home but enter the door and it's glamour with overwhelmingly beautiful gowns, a sea of white and shines with all the beading on the gowns...everything a bride wants can be found in one place. Once we found my gown, we just wandered over to the bridesmaid portion of the boutique to see what the girls liked because it was convenient, I had my bridesmaids with me, why not? And we looked, pulled a few and after about 20 min, Holly and Amy found the dress they both wanted and it was available in a color I agreed to and so, dresses were ordered. I went home and told Mark, "hey, Rebecca's offer's grooms clotheing too, a one stop shop." He said, whatever you want." And so, the guys were measured according to suit Mark picked out (on my guidelines) and we had the ring bearers and two junior ushers bow ties and suspenders ordered as well. It was a successful journey.

What was the favorite part of your wedding shopping experience?

My favorite part of my shopping experience was feeling like Cinderella for an hour. Trying on beautiful gowns with my very closest friends and my Mom. And that feeling of overwhelming awe when you look into the mirror and the woman staring back at you is more than you, she's happy, beautiful, and excited to walk down the aisle to be with her best friend.

What advice do you have for soon-to-be brides?

I would tell soon-to-be-brides and brides shopping for a wedding dress to not go into the boutique with a set expectation. Keep an open mind and try on different types of dresses and listen to your consultant and your heart. Do Not Take Too Many People in your Group. Take the Most Important People to you and ALWAYS include YOUR MOM!! This is the most intimate moment for you and your mom while planning the wedding, it's a moment of her seeing her little girl as a bride, the reveal to her, if you will, and it should be special. Bring your maid of honor and a couple friends that are honest but not hurtful but not too many. And enjoy the moment. Enjoy the day! For me, the wedding was planned around a couple of important details: Venue, Photography and My Gown!

Thank you Angie!

Photos by Kylene's Photography

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