Kelly + Josh

Congratulations Kelly and Josh Burchett!


Venue(s): Frazier History Museum

Photographer: Michelle and Shane at Studio E Photography

Floral Design: Charlie at Old Louisville Flower Studio Music: Highland Chamber Players

Dress Designer: Essense of Australia

How the met...

"We met in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands! I was living there at the time, working in the tourism industry, and Josh was there on vacation visiting a friend from college. We were briefly introduced at a dinner party one evening, then happened to run into each other again the following evening at a local pub. (Fun fact: my sister met her husband at the exact same pub, ten years prior.) We began to talk, and then suddenly found ourselves still engrossed in conversation a couple of hours later! We met up the next morning to have coffee before he had to catch his flight home. We parted ways, obviously attracted to each other, but not quite sure how the 2,000 mile distance would work! Well, we began e-mailing, which turned into texting, which turned into phone calls, which turned into marathon, 7-hour long phone calls, which culminated in me flying out to visit him in Oklahoma City. We quickly realized that we had something very special, so we decided to make our relationship official. Shortly after that, we moved to South Korea together, where we lived for three and a half years. Josh proposed to me in a theater in Seoul after taking me to see the ballet “Swan Lake.” It was perfect!"

Kelly and Josh were married on October 8th, 2016. Kelly looked absoltely incredible in blush gown from Essense of Australia! Here are Kelly's answers to our bridal questionnaire when asked about her wedding dress and big day!

What is your favorite thing about your dress? I adored the blush color. My wedding ring stone is morganite, a very light pink stone, so my ring and dress being the same color really pulled my look together! I also loved the long train on my gown. It made me feel like a princess! Unfortunately, our wedding day was extremely windy, so I didn’t get the stately entrance I was hoping for, but the dress was still gorgeous!

What was the highlight of choosing Rebecca's Wedding Boutique? Rebecca’s worked with us every step of the way, really going out of their way to solve any issues that arose throughout the process of buying a wedding gown. The ladies at Rebecca’s are always friendly, professional, and go above and beyond in their jobs.

What advice would give to brides currently looking for a gown? Even if you have something specific in mind, be open to trying on other styles! And remember that the gown will look very different on you than it looks hanging up, so have an open mind. Also, bring tissues with you when you try on gowns, because if you’re emotional at all (and who isn’t when planning their wedding?) you’ll probably cry!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day? There were so many beautiful moments, it’s hard to choose a favorite! For Josh, it was the dancing. Everyone had such a blast. For me, it was probably the toasts given by the Best Man, Maid of Honor, and my Stepdad. We were just surrounded by so much love. It was wonderful.

How did your groom react when he saw you in your dress? I’ll let him tell this part! “First, I was nervous, because the photographer made me turn my back to you while you were walking up to me. (We had a “first look” prior to our ceremony.) I was so surprised, because I hadn’t seen you in your dress yet, of course. You were so beautiful, and you looked so happy. You were glowing, and I was just stunned for a moment. Then I cried because I was so happy, and then you said, ‘Don’t cry, because then I’ll cry!’ It was a really beautiful moment.” This was the part where I was also able to give him his wedding gift, which was a book of little drawings titled “Reasons I Want to Marry You.” I had been working on it for a year and a half!

Were there any themes or specific styles for your wedding? I’d call our theme “elegant vintage.” I love anything old-world, so my color palate felt very antique—blush, platinum, rose gold, white, and few hints of color with our floral choices.

What made you decide on your venue location(s)? We were in love with the idea of an outdoor wedding, but the issue of weather was something we were concerned with. The Frazier had the rooftop available for our wedding, but also had a backup plan available in the event of rain. And in addition to the backup plan, being able to get married on the riverfront surrounded by the city was a really amazing thing for me. I’ve spent most of my 20’s living abroad, but I’ve always been a Louisville girl at heart! There truly is no place like home!

What a beautiful couple! We are so thrilled you are a Rebecca's bride and that we were able to be a part of your beautiful wedding!


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