Tia + Eric

Tia and Eric are married!


Venue(s): Sawyer Hayes Community Center

Photographer: Rachael Ice

Floral Design: Heather Link

Dress Designer: Stella York

How they met...

"Eric worked a second job and just happened to work with one of my best friends. He saw a picture of me and claims it was love at first sight. To this say he keeps the picture on his phone. He says he has loved me since that day but never thought he stood a chance. He would tell this story to a stranger in an elevator if they asked ( I know because he has done it). It all came together after that. We were engaged pretty fast actually. Within 11 months Eric asked me to marry him and nothing has felt more right than becoming his wife. He is my home."

Tia and Eric were married on December 10th, 2016. They really brought out their Christmas spirit for their winter wedding. From the beautiful decor to the joy the couple had when they are together, this day was a lovely celebration of this amazing couple! Here are Tia's answers to our bridal questionnaire when asked our her dress and big day!

What is your favorite thing about your dress?

Everything. Every detail was flawless.

What was the highlight of choosing Rebecca's Wedding Boutique?

Very easy experience. No pressure, and my consultant was very nice and comfortable.

What advice would give to brides currently looking for a gown?

Buy whatever feels good on you. I felt like the most beautiful person in the world on my wedding and it was because my gown fit like a glove.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

When the groom saw me during out first look. I could hear him crying before he walked up. His expression when he saw me... Nothing can top that.

How did your groom react when he saw you in your dress?

See above haha, His eyes got SO big. He was crying, and saying over and over again, Oh my god.

Were there any themes or specific styles for your wedding?


If so, what was it that made you decide on that theme or style?

Eric and I are booth December babies. I love winter and I've ALWAYS wanted to wear a dress with sleeves.

What made you decide on your venue location(s)?

The venue looks like a lodge and it went with the look I was going for.