Elizabeth + Jim

Congratulations Jim and Elizabeth Pulliam!


Church: St. Mary’s Catholic Church in New Albany, IN

Reception Venue & Catering: The Ice House & Crushed Ice Catering

Photographer:Jason Holzworth

Makeup: Louisa Kleinert

Florist: Nance Floral Shoppe, Inc

"I may be a little biased, but I think we have a pretty cute "How We Met" story. Here's the short version - we actually met on an online dating site. Of course, one of the first things I did when we started talking was send pictures to all my friends. To my surprise, after I sent the pictures I got a message from my friend that said, "Call me right now!"

I thought - this is it. He's a psycho killer.

To my relief, she said he was really nice and they actually went to Mercy's senior prom together! My favorite part of our story is that once we started getting to know each other, we realized that we traveled very similar paths and knew a lot of the same people. He went to St. X and I went to Assumption. He went to Dayton and I went to Miami (only about 30 minutes from each other in Ohio). Our sisters even went to Centre together! Oh and his sister and I just so happen to share a name and our sorority!

What I love about our story is that we were so close to meeting over the years, but we didn't cross paths until the time was right. I like to think it was all a part of God's plan for us :)"

How he proposed...

Fast-forward 3 years later...

My family took a little trip to Maui, Hawaii over Thanksgiving. On our first full day, we got up at 1:45 a.m. so that we could watch the sunrise over Mt. Haleakala and then ride our bikes down the volcano. Apparently, Jim thought about proposing on the bike ride, but he knew I wouldn't be happy with the pictures (waking up early + no make up + big baggy bike clothes = not good engagement photos). So he decided he would do it that night. As I was getting ready for dinner (and completely oblivious to everything going on in the living room), Jim was pacing since it was raining. As I walked out to the living room, the clouds opened up and a sailboat floated by.

Jim thought it was the perfect opportunity for a picture before dinner. I really didn't want to. But the whole family convinced me to go. Jim finally got me to the beach and I started getting ready for the picture.But first, I had to get on "my side." When I turned around to see where Jim went, he was on one knee! I screamed, "WHAT!"

You know the rest.

He asked me to marry him and I said yes! My sister got some amazing pictures that we will cherish forever! he first question I asked was, "Did you ask my parents?" He said "Of course and they are standing right there!" My parents had watched him propose from our porch.

Elizabeth and Jim were married on September 10th, 2016. She looked incredible in her blush Maggie Sottero dress! Here are Elizabeth's answers when asked about her dress and wedding day!

What is your favorite thing about your dress?

I loved everything about my dress! If I had to pick one thing – it would probably be the color. I never thought I would wear a “pink” dress, but the pale blush was absolutely perfect. It was such a surprise to everyone! I loved that you could only tell it was blush in certain lighting. I don’t even think my groom noticed until I pointed it out!

What was the highlight of choosing Rebecca's Wedding Boutique?

I really appreciated that they limit the number of appointments they have at one time. This made my experience extra special because I felt like we were the only ones in the store. I’ve watched my friends try on wedding dresses in very crowded stores, and I couldn’t imagine finding the “one” like that. I was able to try on 15+ dresses until I narrowed it down to two. I knew which one was my dress when I tried it on, but I had to look somewhere else to make sure. I came back a couple weeks later because nothing else compared!

What advice would give to brides currently looking for a gown?

Do your research and then try them all ☺! Before my appointment, I spent hours on Pinterest and I had decided that my dream dress was a fit and flare with beading and/or lace, spaghetti straps (my sister thought I was crazy for that one), a little blush, and a fun bottom! Of course, I had to try on a ball gown for my mom, but that wasn’t me. I tried on the lace trumpet that I thought I always wanted, but I was missing that feeling. I almost didn’t try on my dress because it looked so pink next to the all the white ones. When I tried it on and walked out of the dressing room, I saw my fiancé’s face at the end of the aisle. (I saw his jaw drop – the look I was going for!) At that moment, I knew it was the one!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

The whole day was amazing – so it’s hard to pick just one part! The most meaningful part of the day was definitely the ceremony. We got married in the church that I grew up. When I was a little girl, I used to sit in those pews and daydream about getting married there some day. My future husband even went through six months of “Catholic Classes” to get confirmed so that we could get married there. That made the ceremony even more special.

One of my favorite parts of the church is the very long aisle (that can be daunting to any bridal party!) But walking with my dad down that aisle to my future husband and seeing all our friends and family in the pews, it was my dream come true!

How did your groom react when he saw you in your dress?

As I mentioned above, it was a very long aisle so it was kind of hard to see him! Add in the fact that my eyes welled up with tears as soon as I saw him – it made for a blurry walk down the aisle! But he did reach for a tissue, so I know there were tears from him too! He told me that if he could have picked a dress, he would have picked that one! He loved every part of it (even the pink part)!

Were there any themes or specific styles for your wedding?

I wanted people to come to our wedding and say, “Yup, this is Elizabeth and Jim’s wedding.”

If so, what was it that made you decide on that theme or style?

I had to think about what made us, “us.” Our ceremony was in an ornate cathedral-esque Catholic Church. Then, our reception was at a very modern, industrial venue. I think the combination of the two was a perfect representation of us! My colors were navy, blush and silver sparkle! The colors were very preppy, very classy and the sparkle, well that was just very much me!

What made you decide on your venue location(s)?

Jim and I spent our second New Year’s Eve together at the Ice House. We fell in love with the venue then. Once we were engaged, I thought about having our wedding at an old hotel (as many do in Louisville), but it just didn’t feel like us. And then I thought of the Ice House! When I called, they only had one Saturday open and it was the one we wanted. I put a deposit down before we even went to meet with their team! The great thing about the Ice House is that it is a blank canvas and you can make it fit your style. When we chose the Ice House, I didn’t know that they provided a wedding coordinator for you. Let me tell you – that was a game changer! Our coordinator was my sounding board throughout the process and we even met for drinks one night to go over all the decoration details. They really go above and beyond at the Ice House!

We are so incredibly happy for you two! You are a gorgeous couple and we wish you all the most joyful marriage!


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