Meet The Consultants - Mary Ruth

Mary Ruth

This young lady (whom we call Mary Cherry) just celebrated her 20th birthday ;) ! Okay... maybe not 20... 25.

She is so precious to the Rebecca's team and we are so lucky to be able to work with her! Her Brides' are just as lucky. There aren't many people who will not fall in love with this gem.

Here are HER answers to our lovely questionnaire formed to let you get to know our Rebecca's ladies a little better!

Trust me - they are worth sticking around to read!

1. What is Your Favorite Memory Here at Rebecca's?

"At our Brides Across America Event a Bride received a long distance call from her fiance who was stationed over seas at the same time she was in the gown she had decided to say YES to!"

2. What is Your Favorite Color?


3. Do You Have a Favorite Gown in the Store?

"It changes every day! We have so many beautiful gowns!"

4. What is Your Favorite Meal to Eat For Dinner?

"A steak from Pat's Steakhouse. I am just an all American girl."

5. Do You Have Any Pets?

"A dog named Thor and a cat named Luna!"

6.What Advice Would You Give Newlywed Brides?

"Make every effort to get along with his family."

7. How Long Have You Worked at Rebecca's?

"5 and a 1/2 years!"

8. What is Your Favorite Part of a Bridal Appointment?

"When I see the AWH HA moment in her smile/eyes!"

9. What is Your Funniest Life Memory?

"It was more ironic - it was the day I started a relationship with my husband of 27 years! The funniest Rebecca's memory was when I was sweeping off the front porch and fell off, landing in the bushes bum first!"

10. What Advice Would You Give Newly Engaged Brides?

"Cherish every moment - it's about to get real!"

You Rock Mary Cherry!

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