Olivia & Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Guandique -

What a gorgeous couple...

I (Whit) had the honor of working with Miss Olivia when she happened upon our boutique. The whole appointment was magical. It is really difficult to narrow down a decision when your Bride looks good in EVERYTHING.... but also really fun :)

We tried this set on for fun because her eye was drawn to the unique color and texture of each individual piece. It was pure grace when she stepped out of the dressing room.

I am so excited for this darling woman and her handsome groom!

Rebecca's is cheering you all on for the happiest forever you've ever dreamed of!

Thank you for the honor of having a piece of your special day.

All Our Love,

-Rebecca's Team

P.S. - We can't stop looking at your pictures. AMAZING!

Photography by The End Photography - insta: theendphotography - facebook.com/theendphotography

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