Jessica and Alex were such a pleasure to work with. There isn't a single member of our staff that doesn't have wondeful things to say about this sweet couple. Our manager, Elena, had an especially close relationship with the newlyweds and their families as she shares her experience working with them below:

"I had the pleasure of spending lots of time with this family during the planning process and then at the wedding. From the appointment experience at Jesse's grandfather's nursing home, to lunch with Mother of the Bride Nancy post wedding to re-hash all the memories. They have been gracious, kind, and hilarious throughout everything. I am so lucky to have met Jesse and I feel like an adopted member of the family! Their warmth and kindness was so greatly evident in each family member that I am confident Jesse and Alex will always be supported and loved...

Their event started off with guests of the bride to one side, and guests of the groom to the other. However, at the end of the night it was clear everyone became one big family and welcomed each other with love and excitement for the future."

Congratulations to Jesse and Alex!

Photography by Bobbi+Mike.