Bridal Spotlight: Caelin Anderson

This week's Bridal Spotlight is on the beautiful and kind Caelin Anderson. We are so excited to feature her unique dress and her helpful words of wisdom for future brides!

When was your wedding?

June 7th

How many dresses did you try-on before you found “the one”?

I tried on about 15 gowns before I found the one perfect for me!

How did you know that it was the dress for you?

The gown truly had a small piece of everything I liked from all of the other gowns rolled into one. It embraced an elegant vintage style with the gold threading embroidery, but the plunge neckline and beading added a little something extra; something special.

What is your favorite thing about your dress?

I would have to say the detailing of the scalloped, illusion neckline. I frequently see scallop cut outs and illusion necklines, but I rarely see them both in the same gown. At 5’9” I am very long between my shoulders to chest, so this neckline really complemented my body.

Describe your bridal experience at Rebecca’s.

I met with Mary-Ruth during both of my visits and still keep in touch with her today. She actually pulled the gown I ended up choosing and brought it to me because it had just been delivered that week. I am so grateful to her for my wonderful experience there.

What was the highlight of choosing Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique?

The highlight was having my sister with me when I chose the gown because she chose her gown from Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique 14 years earlier. I can remember going to Rebecca’s as a 14 year-old Maid of Honor back in 2000.

Was the dress you purchased similar to the dress you initially

thought you would choose?

Honestly, the dress was exactly what I had envisioned for myself, but I didn’t know it existed. My 2nd choice at Rebecca’s was something completely different and it didn’t quite fit my personality. I truly believe a gown should be fitting of the bride’s personality instead of the venue, despite what the magazines may say. I ended up with a dress heavy in gold detailing but a venue that only offered silver chiavari chairs-- no one noticed or cared. It was comforting to know I was true to myself when selecting the gown.

How did you narrow down all the choices?

It was hard, but process of elimination and having a little fun with the process certainly helped. In the end, I knew strapless wasn't for my body type,

so that made my decision a lot easier.

How many people did you bring to your appointment?

I brought my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and niece. These were the same ladies that instinctively helped me into my gown on my wedding day. I cherish the fact I have so many great pictures from my wedding day with those 4 helping me into my gown.

I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

How many people would you advise other brides bring to their appointment?

I advise keeping the number as small as possible, so that the group isn’t overwhelming to you and a distraction to other brides in the store. Know yourself and know realistically who you can handle and how many you can handle. I advise bringing family as they know you better than anyone else and will support your decision because it truly is your decision to make.

What advice would give to brides currently looking for a gown?

Be true to yourself—pick the gown that compliments your style and body type without worrying as much about the venue or a particular wedding theme. Favor your instincts over Pinterest or a bridal magazine. Your Groom will love your gown if it reminds him of you—

the authentic you that he sees and loves everyday!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

The first kiss after we walked out of the ceremony, which luckily was caught on camera.

It was a relief to know he was officially mine forever!

How did your groom react when he saw you in your dress?

I could tell by the look on his face that he was very impressed and that it was well worth his wait. We had had many conversations about what the gown would be like, but I think he was equally surprised that I found something that fit my personality and me so well.

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