Bridal Spotlight: Lynnesy Catron

This week we are featuring the sweet and stunning Lynnesy Catron in our bridal spotlight. Her impeccable style is well on display in these gorgeous photographs from her wedding and it's obvious to see how she glowed in her "Marguerite" gown by W-Too.

We are so excited to share her wisdom and warmth with you all, and seriously

get ready for some insanely beautiful pictures!

When was your wedding?

August 6

How many dresses did you try-on before you found "the one"?

It was the first dress I tried on, however, I went to the Cincinnati bridal district after hearing people rave about it. I hated the entire experience. No one helped us and I left only liking the dress I tried on at Rebecca's. We were so turned off by the experience that we drove straight back to Rebecca's to purchase the dress!

How did you know that it was the dress for you?

It took some convincing from my mom and sister, but mostly I trusted the consultant

who helped us because she had an "outsider's" opinion.

She picked the dress for me when I walked in.

What is your favorite thing about your dress?

The unique lace and layering.

Describe your bridal experience at Rebecca's.

When we walked in my head was all over the place and I had no idea what type of dress I wanted. My consultant reassured me and decided to pull dresses for me, not even my own mom can pick out my clothes, so i thought that was crazy.

Well sure enough, she scored with the first dress and I was blown away!

What was the highlight of choosing Rebecca's Wedding Boutique?

Individual attention was huge! Like I said earlier, I ventured to the Cincinnati bridal district and literally no one picked a dress for me or gave me any direction.

Was the dress you purchased similar to the dress you initially

thought you would choose?

Yes and no. I did not think I'd choose strapless or empire, but i definitely wanted

an ethereal look.

How did you narrow down all the choices?

The consultant was straight forward, honest, and encouraging, all of which i needed for my indecisive, picky personality!

How many people did you bring to your appointment?


How many people would you advise other brides bring to their appointment?

Smaller is better. Quality over quantity!

What advice would give to brides currently looking for a gown?

Go to a boutique where you have individual service and people who call you by name! It makes a difference and we gladly paid $100 more for the same dress because

of the people who helped us!

What do you wish you had known before looking for wedding gowns?

Don't look at the magazines. Start in a boutique that is within your budget because magazines will only confuse your smaller wallet more!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

I always tell people leaving for the honeymoon :) Ha! But on the actual day, it was definitely the ceremony. I cried (not pretty tears, awful snot running down my nose kind of waterworks) and my, now, husband laughed. Knowing us, it's very fitting and completely real. We vowed if anything to always be honest and along with our minister had two women that impacted our lives greatly speak and pray. It was very moving.

How did your groom react when he saw you in your dress?

I'm probably not a great person to ask this question, Robert liked it of course, but poor guy would say the same thing if I came in wearing white overalls!

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