Bridal Spotlight: Catie Nelson

Our bridal spotlight this week is showcasing the sweet and funny Catie Nelson. She recently started her own wedding planning business, CCN Events,, and used her personal expertise to style her own fabulous day. We were so lucky to work with her to outfit her entire wedding party, all the way down to the flower girl!

Take a glimpse at Catie's story and wedding dress experience.

When was your wedding?

Saturday. May 17 – #bestdayever

How did you know that it was the dress for you?

I absolutely loved my Watters “Astoria” wedding dress that I selected for my wedding day! It was exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t have been more pleased with my selection. Being a curvy gal myself, I was hell-bent and determined to find a dress that I would be comfortable wearing all day. Therefore, I had a distinct style that I wanted to wear, a dress with sleeves! I had in my mind that I wanted a dress that resembled Grace Kelly and/or Kate Middletown – timeless and elegant. However, this was a real challenge since most designers offer strapless gowns. Luckily, I found my dress with sleeves at Rebecca’s and fell in love. Watters was the one company that offered the style of dress that I was desperate to find. I believe my Astoria wedding gown achieved the look and style that I wanted. I also loved that my dress was lace!

Describe your bridal experience at Rebecca’s.

Rebecca’s is the absolute most amazing bridal boutique. The ladies that work there go above and beyond to accommodate each bride’s wants and needs. In addition, everyone there is genuinely excited and delighted to hear all the details of your upcoming big day! Not only can you purchase your wedding gown there, they offer bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride/groom dresses, accessories, and they have amazing deals on suits for the groom and groomsmen. Yes, Rebecca’s became my one stop shop for everything I needed for my wedding day. With so many reasons to stop by the store, I was in there often and ended up becoming great friends with some of the ladies. They are all so sweet and helpful. They made my wedding attire experience unforgettable.

How many people did you bring to your appointment?

I wanted my experience of trying on wedding dresses to be intimate. Therefore, my mom and my two maids of honor, my cousins, accompanied me when trying on dresses. Finding the right dress can be stressful and frustrating, so it was best for me to be with a small crowd when I became overwhelmed. Of course, when I found the one, I had the rest of my bridesmaids with me to try it on one last time before the big purchase.

How many people would you advise other’s brides bring to their appointment?

Honestly, it is whatever you feel comfortable with. The experience of finding the perfect wedding dress isn’t like you see on television shows or movies. Although it can be fun, it can also be frustrating for a bride. My recommendation, bring a small crowd with you to tackle the hunt and the exhausting try ons of multiple gowns. Once you find the one (or ones) then bring in the company you want to get opinions from.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin – my wedding day was amazing! My fiancé and I dated for only six months when we got engaged and then we did a two year engagement, so I was ready to go by the time our wedding date rolled around. Instead of coming up with a favorite moment, I’ll list a few of my favorite things. Cowboy boots – myself, the groom, and the bridesmaids all wore cowboy boots. There is never a bad time had in cowboy boots and everyone looked adorable in them. Koozies – always a great go to item to use as favors for your guests. Since my husband and I are both huge UK fans, they of course were blue and had “go cayuts” printed on them. Fatheads – to create some fun during the reception, I had fatheads made up for both me and my groom. They were a huge hit on the dance floor and even better we captured some great photos (thanks to Nate at Fusion Photography). White Castle – I wanted to surprise my guests with a late night snack, so I chose the obvious, white castles! All in all, my day was absolutely fabulous. I was surrounded by love, laughter, and happiness all day and, of course, some great drinks too!

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