Bridal Spotlight: Rachel Beachy

It is our pleasure to share the story of the sweet and beautiful Rachel Beachy.

We are so grateful to her photographers Cory + Jackie, who can be found at, for sharing their stunning images with us!

When was your wedding?

May 24, 2014

How many dresses did you try-on before you found “the one”?

The third dress I tried on during my first (and only) wedding dress shopping experience was “the one.” I fell in love with it right away!

How did you know that it was the dress for you?

When I put it on, I instantly felt like it was just me. It fit like a glove, made me feel extraordinary, and I could totally picture becoming a wife in that dress. Before I put on that dress, I felt a bit like I was playing dress up. When I put that dress on, I really began to feel like a bride! Plus, I couldn’t stop smiling even if I tried any time I had it on.

What is your favorite thing about your dress?

It’s hard to choose just one thing, but I think the details in the back are my favorite. The buttons that trace up the skirt and the exposed laced corset are such romantic touches.

Describe your bridal experience at Rebecca’s.

My bridal experience at Rebecca’s was great from start to finish. After watching countless reality shows about wedding dress shopping, I had plenty of preconceived notions about what it would/should be like, and Rebecca’s was everything I could have asked for. Each person that worked with me there made me feel special and really paid attention to my personal preferences. I feel like I got to tell them what I was looking for and we were able to pull at least 10 dresses that all would have been beautiful for a wedding and fit my style.

What was the highlight of choosing Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique?

The selection of dresses is wonderful, the assistants are great, and I love all of the added perks of purchasing a dress at Rebecca’s. Having a place to steam and store it prior to the wedding day took SUCH a big load off my plate. I also received discounts on some of my other purchases there (the veil, belt) which was just thoughtful and made the shopping process a lot easier.

How did you narrow down all the choices?

I stuck to my gut and what felt most “me.” A couple dresses were similar, but I came back to the one that I felt like I would look back on years from now and still completely love.

Ultimately, it came down to the one I chose and a completely different look - fitted silhouette, lacy, keyhole back - but I chose my dress because it was the dreamy wedding dress

that I knew would be unlike any other dress I ever wore.

How many people did you bring to your appointment?

I brought my mom. We have always had a super close relationship,

and I knew that if one person HAD to be there, it was her.

It helps that I completely trust her sense of style too, and I know she knows me best.

My sister is someone else whom I had to have there, but she lives in Houston so she joined the experience via iPhone!

How many people would you advise other brides bring to their appointment?

For me, the fewer the better. While it would have been fun to have more family there, I’m pretty decisive and only needed my mom and sister’s thumbs up before I was ready to buy my dress. Another way I knew the dress was “the one” was because when I put it on, I really couldn’t have cared less if anyone else in the whole store even liked it – that’s how confident and beautiful it made me feel. But the fact that they loved it too certainly didn’t hurt.

So I’d say bring the people you need to hear “yes” from beforeyou feel ready to purchase the dress – and being able to have fun with them is important too!

What advice would give to brides currently looking for a gown?

I’d tell them to keep it simple in as many ways as possible. Don’t feel pressured to try on a ton of dresses, visit a ton of stores or bring a ton of people unless you want to. Don’t feel like you need to have some elaborate revelation when trying on dresses – if that happens, cool, but if not – it can still be the dress! Just stay true to you and don’t go into it with a rigid set of expectations.

Have FUN with it!

What do you wish you had known before looking for wedding gowns?

I wish I’d known that I would know when I found the one. I think I got so worried that I wouldn’t be able to choose or wouldn’t find one that felt just right, and it was crazy how wrong I ended up being. I also wish I’d known not to stress out too much about time frame…We were engaged for less than a year, so I felt like I needed to hurry and get the dress so that I could get alterations, etc.

It all worked out fine and I shouldn’t have worried as much beforehand!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Every moment was special to me so it’s hard to choose a favorite. But I know I’ll never forget the feeling I had after we were pronounced to all of our friends and family and walked down the aisle, hand-in-hand, straight out of the church into the sunlight. We were both smiling these big huge grins at each other saying “We’re married! We’re actually married! You’re my husband (or wife) now!”

We had waited so long to make this official commitment to one another,

and it felt so right to finally be husband and wife.

How did your groom react when he saw you in your dress?

He was floored! I could see it on his face the whole time I walked down the aisle, and he was sure to tell me over and over again how much I took his breath away (he still brings it up to this day!) I hadn’t told him anything about my dress – I even had a little fun with it, telling him it wasn’t white because my dress is technically blush. I don’t think he had any idea what to expect, but he absolutely loved what I chose!

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