Meet the Real Rebecca!

In celebration of 25 unforgettable years of business, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the one person who has kept this place sparkling!

Rebecca Kimura opened Rebecca's Wedding Boutique in 1989.

After years of growth both personally and professionally, Rebecca continues to inspire her employees to be more than just bridal consultants.

Rebecca (center) with her two daughters: Alex (right) and Sam (left).

Why did you choose the bridal industry?

I love weddings, fashion and sparkle! I always loved reading bridal magazines and then I realized that I could actually do it for a living.

What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome?

The fact that I had no experience in retail and did not know how to work with customers! I was lucky enough to find a great friend/employee that had been in retail sales most of her working life and she taught me that side of the business. She has been working with me for 25 years and is still here!

What has been your favorite bridal trend over the past 25 years?

Lace and beading, and fortunately, that is what it is all about right now!

What is the most exciting part of this industry?

Going to bridal market in Chicago. I love seeing all the new and latest trends and fashions. I also love getting to know and "talking bridal" to other store owners and their employees. I always learn so much listening to them and usually come away with some great ideas!

What are you most proud of?

My family- but that is not what this blog is about! The fact that my business has lasted this long. There were a few people along the way that didn't think I could do this. Fortunately, there were more that believed in me and helped me be where I am today!

What has been one of your favorite experiences in the past 25 years?

I think the Brides Across America events have been very important. It is a great way to give back and see that we actually can make a difference with bridal gowns!

What advice would you give to anyone in hopes of starting a small business?

Seek the advice of others and gain wisdom from everybody you come into contact with. See how they run their businesses and decide what parts you want to use in yours and what parts you want to make sure you don't use!

What is the best business advice/life advice you have received?

I love the C.S. Lewis quote: 'What one regards as interruptions are precisely one's life.' I use it as my email signature to help me remember it. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day that we forget that we are all here to help one another!

What do you wish you had known before starting your own business?

Nothing really... I knew it was going to be a crazy ride, and it still is!

LEFT PICTURE: Fun Friday Inspired by Lace From Top Left: Rebecca Kimura, Zoe Davenport, Jenny Sheehan, Karen Wellinghurst, Leah Terese Hora, Caroline Strickland, Elena Dias, Chris Leighty.

RIGHT PICTURE:: Debi Awards at Chicago Bridal Market From Left: Mary Ruth Cherry, Rebecca Kimura, Zoe Davenport, Alex Kimura, Leah Terese Hora

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